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When We Feel have lost our true self.

Dr. Damaris Maria Grossmann 


 HI My Story 

 As a first-generation Minority Hispanic  Immigrant, 

Hi How are you I am an Integrative Nurse Practitioner 

I started a life into this world challenge and adopted and was a military veteran during 9/11.  I was looking for structure and better life. I was faced with Military trauma,back  injury, and chronic illness.  I felt lost tired and suffering. There was no one thing or pill which was helping me get better. This was the time I was on a mission on finding a solution to help with my healing time. During my wellness journey, I realized I had to find other areas of just one to get better and incorporate a mindful Integrative way of health.  I am a veteran, mom, wife and Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner 


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